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The Internet of Things Engineering
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The Internet of Things Engineering of Chongqing University is a first-class undergraduate major in Chongqing. The first batch of the Internet of Things Engineering in 31 universities, established by the Ministry of Education, involves knowledge in several areas, such as Computing Technology, Sensor Technology, Network Technology, Cloud Computing Technology, Edge Computing Technology, Big Data Technology and Artificial Intelligence. The Internet of Things Engineering in Chongqing University follows the basic principles of fostering integrity and industrial demand-oriented construction, and takes Intelligent Perception, Intelligent Networking, Intelligent Computing and Data-centric as professional features. The goal of the Internet of Things Engineering in Chongqing University is to set up new engineering undergraduate major with the first place in Chongqing and first-class in China, to cultivate first-class talents with one core foundation and three innovative capabilities in the Internet of Things, and to serve the national strategy of Network Power, Made in China 2025, etc. Through systematic training, students can engage in typical IoT scenarios such as smart city, industrial IoT/Internet, digital healthcare, smart transportation, digital finance and smart house, with conquering IoT Intelligent Perception and Analysis Computing, IoT Cloud Computing System Architecture, IoT Big Data Management and Intelligent Analysis, IoT Edge Computing, IoT Artificial Intelligence and other key technologies research in scientific research institutions, large or medium-sized enterprises and institutions and large-scale information technology companies. Besides, students graduated from the Internet of Things Engineering in Chongqing University have competitive advantage in IoT research and application fields. Thus, they can not only work as the planning of IoT industry and management in government departments, but also possess solid knowledge foundation for further education to both domestic and abroad first-class universities.